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Introduction to Rope

Rope is committed to combating the impact of poverty across the world. Working through a network of partners, who like us are motivated by Christian compassion, our goal is to meet the immediate needs of individuals and communities, whilst always striving to create long term sustainable change in the lives of the poor.

100% of all gifts given to Rope are used for the direct benefit of the poor. The 'Friends of Rope' fund meets the running costs of the organisation. 

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3,000 households in 7 villages close to the epicentre of the earthquakes are still living in shelters made from plastic sheeting and tarpaulins. They are currently facing 1ft of snow and harsh hail storms which have collapsed shelters already ravaged by monsoon rains.    With temperatures as low as -15°, water has turned to ice and livestock are dying. 

We need to deliver blankets and warm clothes to 3,000 families.

  • £10 would purchase a blanket
  • £40 would deliver blankets and warm clothes to a family.


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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Update

Although it is nearly 9 months since Nepal was devastated by a series of earthquakes, many people close to the epicentre are still living in shelters made from plastic sheeting and tarpaulins.  Part of the reason for this is that travel to these [...]
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