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Introduction to Rope

Rope is committed to combating the impact of poverty across the world. Working through a network of partners, who like us are motivated by Christian compassion, our goal is to meet the immediate needs of individuals and communities, whilst always striving to create long term sustainable change in the lives of the poor.

100% of all gifts given to Rope are used for the direct benefit of the poor. The 'Friends of Rope' fund meets the running costs of the organisation. 

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Be Lent Inspired

As part of Lent we are hoping to inspire you to fast, give, pray, be thankful, reflect and serve. 

On the second week of Lent we are giving!

Be inspired by Andrea from South Africa who is training to be a social worker so she can give back to her community, find out more, click on South Africa. See how our inspiring Ropeholders are giving children and young people in Nepal a positive upbringing, rooted in a strong Christian faith, click on Nepal.

Learn how our Ropeholders in Uganda are giving disadvantaged people the chance to be self supporting by helping them to grow groundnuts.  To find out more click on Uganda

With Rope a small gift will make a big difference, see how you can really help to transform lives by giving a little.

Recent News

120 children under the age of 6!

One of Rope's newest partnerships is with the Beza Mother and Child Project, located at Lay Gaynt, in the Amhara Region of North East ETHIOPIA. The project aims to transform the lives of destitute mothers and children through the provision of income [...]
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