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Introduction to Rope

Rope is committed to combating the impact of poverty across the world. Working through a network of partners, who like us are motivated by Christian compassion, our goal is to meet the immediate needs of individuals and communities, whilst always striving to create long term sustainable change in the lives of the poor.

100% of all gifts given to Rope are used for the direct benefit of the poor. The 'Friends of Rope' fund meets the running costs of the organisation. 

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Thursday 23rd June 2016


  • Over 115 million widows live in poverty struggling to survive
  • Many of these women and their children are malnourished, exposed to disease, and subjected to extreme forms of deprivation
  • 1.5 million widows’ children in the world die before their fifth birthday
  • HIV/AIDS, armed conflict and poverty are amongst the most prolific causes of widowhood

In many traditional communities, such as India and Africa, widowhood represents a "social death" for a woman.

In the last 25 years Rope has sought to bring Christ's love, dignity and hope this exceptionally marginalised group of women.  

Join us as we pray for them.

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