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Introduction to Rope

Rope is committed to combating the impact of poverty across the world. Working through a network of partners, who like us are motivated by Christian compassion, our goal is to meet the immediate needs of individuals and communities, whilst always striving to create long term sustainable change in the lives of the poor.

100% of all gifts given to Rope are used for the direct benefit of the poor. The 'Friends of Rope' fund meets the running costs of the organisation. 

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Lifeline Gifts 2014

Looking to buy a gift for someone, who prefers to give than receive? Then our alternative gift scheme might just be the answer!

Our Lifeline gift range for 2014 is now available.  Gifts start from as little as £3.00, but all aim to make a significant difference to the lives of people supported by Rope: helping primary school children in India access education in their own language; performing cataract operation on elderly people in Kenya and so restoring their sight and dignity or building wells in remote villages of Cambodia and providing easy access to fresh water for the first time.

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