Ruth was forced into prostitution as the only way to support herself and her destitute grandmother.  

Earning a meagre living as a prostitute was how Ruth first met our partners, whose street evangelism specifically aims to reach female sex workers in Kinshasa D.R. Congo.

Over the weeks, Ruth allowed our partners to share the Gospel with her and finally agreed to join their vocational training programme, learning sewing and tailoring skills so she could pursue a safer living.

It was during her time on the course, where Bible study and prayer is encouraged, that the Lord spoke to Ruth. 

She responded by committing her life to him and, once she had graduated, she found work as a seamstress to support herself and grandmother.   She also started attending a local Baptist Church, where she met the man who is now her husband, and they now have 2 small children.

Ruth knows that her dignity has been restored and her life transformed, all due to a “chance” meeting.

D.R. Congo has faced one of Africa’s deadliest wars in modern history and many women flee to Kinshasa to seek sanctuary, only to find that they have to become prostitutes to survive. Like Ruth, they need the chance of a fresh start. 


It costs £20 a month to support a women at a centre.

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