Patience, from Cameroon is widow and HIV sufferer.

Losing her home upon widowhood is not an unusual.  In many African countries, widowhood represents a “social death” for a woman and her family as she is left in limbo without any male protection and without status in her community.

Unaware of her legal rights, Patience faced complete rejection by her husband’s family.

Rope and our partners are passionate about changing the situation for women like Patience and for the last 12 years we having been seeking to help widows to take their rightful place in their community, gaining dignity and respect. 

We support them through education and developing their life skills, providing funds for micro-businesses and sometimes helping them build their own homes.

We were able to step in and help Patience.

With money she had saved from her business she bought a small plot of land and with Rope’s help has built a new home for herself and her children!

At last, I  have my own house – a dream come true.  Now I can sleep well in my own house.”


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