Daniel spent many years living on the streets of Naivasha, Kenya.

The youngest of five children and raised by a single mother, who was an alcoholic, Daniel was left begging on the streets by the age of 7. By the time he was 7 his mother, an alcoholic, was unable to care for her children and Daniel was left begging on the street – looking for leftovers and rotten fruit to survive.

Life on the streets was dangerous. Forced to eat leftovers and rotten fruit, Daniel was bullied by older boys who demanded money from him.  He was often too scared to sleep at night for the fear of being sexually abused and the police offered no protection.

Daniel, (pictured right) was 14 when he was offered a home at Sunshine Rehabilitation Centre when it opened in 2004.

Daniel was so “happy to find a new home with plenty of food which I didn’t need to beg for and where I could sleep without fear.

He was also able to attend school and proved to be a very hard working, conscientious student.  He is currently studying Economics at Maasai Mara University.

Daniel has been given a strong foundation and a brighter future.

For £20 per month, you can give children like Daniel a Brighter Future.