Our Partners Relationship Manager, Adrian Whittred, recently visited our project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, whilst holidaying in the region.  He shares some of the highlights from his visit. 

Caring for Cambodian Communities

Our partnership with Cambodian Global Action (CGA) dates back to 2002, helping to build wells and provide clean water to some of the most remote village communities in south eastern Cambodia.

The project also facilitates a holistic programme that teaches health and education, supporting communities to become self-sustaining.

In 14 years and through the faithful and generous giving of our supporters we have raised nearly £250,000 and built  634 wells for 4,303 families from remote and rural communities!

We met with our hosts for the day and headed out to the Svayroieng province in south-eastern Cambodia, close to the border with Vietnam. The remote village we visited consisted of a few homesteads of 20-30 extremely basic dwellings which are quite spread out from one another.   

Much more than just water!

It is abundantly clear that the wells serve whole communities and bring a sense of community spirit. Water makes a huge difference to the villagers, whether that be for their personal vegetable plots or traded in bowls and buckets at market. This local tradesman does a roaring trade! 

I was also excited to join a training session, part of our partners' Community, Health and Education programme, where around 15 women were learning the importance of community well-being and water-related health and hygiene, i.e. the need to boil water before use, agricultural advice, and care and maintenance of the wells.

Making a difference

Reflecting on my visit, I recognise that life is undoubtedly tough for these people, however it is both humbling and  inspiring to see how the
provision of clean water IS making a difference to remote communities, thanks to the love, generosity and prayers of our wonderful Rope supporters. 

Church Visit

Adrian would love to come and share more about his visit and how God is moving in Cambodia with your church or home-group.

Please click on the link above to get in touch and arrange a visit.