Advik was brought to our partner’s home in Palakonda in 2011 after his father tragically died.  Without our help, the outlook for Advik would have been very bleak as he had no close family to care for him. 

Advik has worked hard over the last 6 years and is keen to become a Police Officer when he finishes his studies.  He knows that he is very blessed to have been given this chance. 

He is a very artistic child and enjoys drawing.  He is also good at sport and particularly enjoys playing cricket.  He was recently selected to participate in competitions at district level.

Along with the other children at the home he attends church regularly and is an active and enthusiastic member of the church family. 

We pray that the Lord will continue to speak to him through his time at the home and also through our partners.

Brighter Futures

Advik lives with 25 other children at the Jehovah Jireh Home in Palakonda.  All of these children are supported at the home and through their education by our child group sponsorship scheme called Brighter Futures. 

If you would like to know more about this scheme, please click on the link above.