Ruth, 17, has been living at Uttara’s Children’s Home having arrived as a very young child.  Please see pictures of her now and as a child!  She came from a small village in the Bandarban region.

As she says,

“The place where I am from is a hilly area. Most of the people are farmers and they do zoom (Jhoom) farming*, including my father. Electricity hasn’t reached my area yet and everyone in our village lives in huts. The closest town is very far away and though there is a road near my house, there is no regular local transport. There are no hospitals, schools or colleges in my village.

I am currently studying in class 10 at a college, which is near to Uttara, so we walk to the school. There are 18 students in my class, and my position is 3rd among them.  My favourite subject is English and all of the students in my class are good friends of mine.

Knowing Jesus

Though I was in a village with Christian believers I didn’t really know about Jesus. In Uttara I have come to understand more about Jesus by reading Bible, joining the Sunday classes and many more activities. I have started to believe in Him, especially after I received some answers to my prayers.  Now I pray every morning and evening and every Friday and Sunday we go to Church where we learn more about Jesus and His love.

I want to be a Fashion Designer so that I can create new dresses, it is my favourite hobby and I like draw.  I will be sitting for my SSC exam next year and I hope and pray for a good result.

We also pray that God will give Ruth focus as she works hard at school and gains good qualifications to enable her to move on in life.

Brighter Futures

Ruth lives with other girls at Uttara Girls Home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She and the other girls and young women are supported by our child group sponsorship scheme called Brighter Futures.  If you would like to find out more about this scheme, please click on the link above.

*Zoom/Jhoom farming

This is a type of farming done in hilly areas.  In this farming, after cutting one crop the land is left as it is for some years. Nothing is grown there. The weeds or bamboo, which grow on that land are not pulled out. They are cut and burnt as the ash makes the land fertile. When the land is ready for farming it is lightly dug up, not ploughed. Seeds are dropped on it. Different types of crops like maize, vegetables, chillies and rice can be grown.