Diane's house is precariously perched on a dusty hillside in Lima, Peru.  Her home's dangerous setting is sadly typical of most of the homes owned by the families supported by our partners.

They are a very marginalised community forgotten by mainstream society, left to cope in a very inhospitable environment.  Our partners aim to address the social issues faced by many in this community, including violence, substance abuse and family breakdowns, through workshops and programmes for both children and adults. 

Diane told us how beneficial she was finding our partner's sessions and her oldest son loves attending the sporting activities and the workshops.

Her husband has a labouring job, which has so far precluded him from attending meetings and workshops for parents, however Diane discusses issues she’d learnt with him and, as a couple, they were keen to improve and safeguard their family life. 

To Get Involved...

If you would like to walk for Diane as part of our Women Walking 4 Women campaign, click on the link and find out more.