We seek to share our work with Christians in the UK, through visits to church.  Recently our CEO, Jay Hay, visited Oakridge Baptist Church, where he shared some thoughts inspired by his recent trip to some of our projects in Africa.  Here is an excerpt from his talk.

Helping people become Citizens of Hope

I believe that few Christians realise how they can personally take the gospel out across the world so that people, who do not know Christ can become Citizens of Hope.   The prophet Isaiah spoke of this: 

The Lord God has put his Spirit in me, because the Lord has appointed me to tell the good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken, to tell the captives they are free, and to tell the prisoners they are released. Isaiah 61:1-2

This message is as true to you and me today as it was to Isaiah and the people of Israel, while in exile in Babylon.

You see when we pray and intercede on behalf of others we are co-creators with God. Your prayers count and you cannot hide away from problems which you feel are too big to pray for. God calls us to intercede in prayer so that the world will change.  We pray for people to meet Jesus and they do.

And through it all we have God's grace.

I have been blessed the last few weeks to visit some of our projects in Kenya and Uganda and see how the generosity of Christians in the UK, through prayer and giving, have transformed lives.  Our partners are working with people who others don't reach – people from remote and rural communities with sight problems, children with disabilities and women with HIV/AIDS. These people live in communities that see disease and disability as a curse from God and so they not only face the health issue but also rejection from their own community.  

Transforming lives

We have brought hope and dignity into their lives.  Our mission hospital in Kenya is treating 400 people each year with cataract surgery enabling them to see again and providing corrective surgery for 100 children with the club foot condition, so they can walk, run and go to school for the first time in their life.  We are training woman from Uganda living with HIV to farm their land and provide for their children.

At Rope we work on small projects in remote areas meeting individual's needs.  That is how we build strong families and communities.  We focus on finding people others have forgotten or rejected.

Everyone deserves the love of Jesus

You see I am clear on one thing – everyone deserves the love of Jesus.

In some countries, disabled children are seen as cursed, but that is not how Jesus sees them. His Great Commission calls us to stand up for those who have no voice. We are all God's precious children and should be loved equally.  Through your support for our work, we are seeing people with disease and disabilities being dignified and honoured and as a result the hearts and minds of others in their communities are being changed.  Three years ago when our Mission hospital began treating children with club foot, they had to work hard to find these children as they were hidden away.  (Quite literally!  Our Ropeholder speaks of seeing a child hidden in a box in the family's home!).  Now nearly three years on they are being overwhelmed with referrals as people are stepping out, some walking literally miles carrying their child or grandchild to get the treatment.   By merely offering this surgery, our hospital has helped to change people's view on disability.  Hallelujah!

Our inspiration is based on prayer and certainty of what God can do. All we have to do is plant the seeds and God will do the rest! And at Rope we see small amounts of money make disproportionate impact for God's kingdom.  Over a year it costs £200 to train and support a women with AIDS in Uganda so she can farm her land successfully and become self sufficient.  It is as simple as that.  And as I see more of the world on my travels representing Rope, I just know we are seeing outbreaks of people finding God in all His compassion and love, churches being planted and families and communities transformed.   In Uganda recently I saw a community of 120 people worshipping God under a tree.  People, who have never known the love of Christ in their lives are becoming Citizens of Hope and our faith and commitment to the Great Commission is making a huge impact.

In the same way the Lord God will make goodness and praise come from all the nations. Isaiah 61:11

It’s happening and it’s being lived out.

It costs £30 to buy a bag of drought resistant groundnuts for a Ugandan Farmer.

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