Leaving a legacy

One of the great blessings we experience is when people leave legacy gifts to Rope in their wills. This is such a humbling moment when we receive news that people have chosen to remember us in this most personal of ways. Recently, we have been able to use legacy gifts to help fund a new orthopaedic centre and physiotherapy gym at Dreamland Mission Hospital in Kimilili, Kenya, which will support up to 4,500 people with disabilities each year.

Over 7 years, Rope’s partnership with Dreamland has led to 21,000 people having eye tests, 2,500 having eye surgery and 230 children with the club foot condition gaining corrective surgery.

Making a difference

In January, Jay visited the hospital and attended the groundbreaking ceremony, where he met some of the children who had undergone surgery and could now walk and run.

Jay says, “I would like to thank the families of those who have left us legacies and sent us collections from funerals. Each of these gifts is treasured and we often seek to use them to make a lasting difference through building projects. This new centre at Dreamland, for example, will provide for the next generation and seemed a very fitting tribute to many who have given so generously over the years.”

The new facility will be open in October 2017.