But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” Psalms 86:15

At Rope we believe in God's faithfulness for his people and it is something we strive to show in the projects and partners we work with.  Over the last 4 years we have been working with our partners, Heart for Lebanon, loving and caring for those fleeing the violence in Syria.

Your faithfulness makes this happen!

But we know that this has only been made possible due to our supporters' faithful commitment to our work.  We couldn't offer long term support to Heart for Lebanon unless we had that certainty.  And this support is crucial.  The majority of these Syrian families are not moving from the camps, they will be resident for as long as the war continues.  Many arrive with few possessions and even less hope. 


Karena's story illustrates how important long term care and attention is in restoring  their hope and dignity.

Karena is a single mother of three young children.

She escaped the war in Syria when her husband was kidnapped as he was crossing a checkpoint. She considers herself a widow because she lost hope of finding him again.

She now lives in a tent in an agricultural field with her brothers-in-law. There are 3 families living together, each one has one space in the tent and a communal kitchen and bathroom. The space she and her children live in is very basic with only a few clothes and mattresses provided by our partners.

Occasionally, Karena is able to work in a farmer’s field and receives a small amount of food, so the monthly food and hygiene packs delivered by our partners enables her family to eat two meals a day. 

Karena and her family have begun to get involved in our partner's other activities, including their health awareness classes.  She is also attending our partner's Bible study sessions.  She is not a believer but is exploring her faith and is keen to know more about Jesus Christ. 


Recently when talking to our partners Karena expressed deep thanks for the support she is receiving, recognising that Heart for Lebanon are now the only NGO taking care of her.

Rope was established 25 years ago to reach those most vulnerable, and over that time we have constantly reached out to widows and orphans.  We are so grateful that our loyal supporters are enabling this vital work to continue for women and children the innocent victims of war.

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