Mahnoor comes from Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan, a very mountainous and inaccessible part of the country.

Historically conservative and under-developed, women are simply not seen as equal to men and not given the same opportunities.

Women's Vocational Training Centre

In 2007 our partners set up Women’s Vocational Training Centre (WVTC), which was aimed at helping women to gain skills in sewing and knitting so they could get jobs, set up their own sewing businesses and bring money into the home.

The centre also sought to build harmony by encouraging women from different sects to learn and work together and their ultimately hope was all would come to understand their value to God and their equal standing with men. 

Mahnoor felt hopeless

Mahnoor is one of 520 women that have been helped.

Mahnoor was illiterate, had no manual skills so was unable to help her family, who faced severe poverty. She felt completely hopelessness unable to find a job that could support her family.

Mahnoor has hope and a future

She says “I was introduced to the Women’s Vocational Training Centre by one of my neighbours. I undertook a two year course learning sewing, knitting and embroidery skills along with a literacy course.

Following my graduation I applied for a job, and despite many other candidates for the role, I was successful. 

The money I now earn helps to send my children to school, feed them and fulfil all their basic needs” 

Lifeline gifts

Rope has supported WVTC since it began in 2007 and we are passionate to see more women gain skills and financial independence.

For £20 you can ensure that two women, like Mahnoor, can have all the sewing materials and equipment they will need to support a whole year's learning.

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