Nine year old Faiza hates hearing planes passing over her makeshift tent. 

She trembles uncontrollably as memories of her home in Aleppo being destroyed come flooding back. 

Her family has fled to Lebanon, but these horrific memories remain with her.

Our partners say ”It is impossible to witness this little girl's reaction and not feel utter compassion for her.

They are seeking to help children like Faiza and their families feel safe and cared for again.

Every day our partners are going into the camps and sharing Christ's love with families like Faiza's.  Their “HOPE on Wheels” mobile ministry rolls into the refugee camps bringing fun, friendship and laughter. For three hours the team lift the children’s spirits with games, stories based on Biblical principles, songs, a bouncy castle and much more.

They provide monthly food and hygiene packs for families, they offer friendship, counselling and regular prayer meetings.  They are seeking to offer hope to families facing despair.

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