Maria, 25, came to Mamoli Mission, southern Mozambique from a remote village.

Life in these villages is very tough – water is collected from a river infested with crocodiles and hippos, homes are built from reeds and there are no shops close by. Food is either sought by foraging, growing vegetables when conditions allow it, or travelling to towns 100km away. There are no local schools and no formal education.

This is why Simao and Annette Muchache realised that establishing a home and school was so vital, when they came to the area in 1996. Over the 20 years Mamoli Mission has supported 400 children to access school and offered a home to those children who are orphans. Currently 22 children are living at the home and 47 are being supported at boarding school so they can attend secondary school.  Annette tragically died in 2013, but Simao has continued this work, supported by Ropeholders Nic and Claire. The school is now government run, but as well as running the home, Mamoli have planted 11 churches in surrounding villages, operate a bakery, manage three gardens and a campsite for income generation.

Now Maria shares her faith

Maria came to faith while at Mamoli and responded to God’s call by studying at Bible School.

Picture with a white headscarf, Maria now works for Mamoli Mission mentoring the children at the home, teaching, preaching and leading worship at church.

She also trained as a dental technician so she can use these practical skills in her ministry! She says it is incredible to show the love of Christ to people in pain and she loves to share the Gospel message as she treats and heals them!

Brighter Futures

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