Word Made Flesh

Our partners, Andy and Andrea from Word Made Flesh, work with women and their children affected by prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia. El Alto is built on the hills surrounding the capital city La Paz. This intensely overcrowded area experiences extreme weather conditions and suffers severe economic uncertainty. 90% of the women our partners work with have experienced sexual abuse in childhood and their subsequent journeys into prostitution are often as a result of coercion by those closest to them. Additionally, the cycle of abuse continues as their children are brought up in and around brothels, becoming easy targets.

Helping women break free

Andy and Andrea, missionaries from the US, have lived in Bolivia for over 15 years and now have a family of four boys.

Their ministry seeks to provide a pathway for these women and their children out of prostitution. Rope supports their children’s programme, which offers a safe place for children to experience a loving family home environment, homework club, nutritious meals, craft and art therapy sessions as well as mentoring and counselling. All provided with the hope that the children will stay at school and away from the brothels.


In 2017 Rope also supported their social enterprise - Sutisana - which provides 9 women with dignified employment through making clothes and accessories.

Sutisana means “healed name” and is taken from Isaiah 62:2. Many of the women choose a new healed name, when they leave prostitution.

Andy and Andrea believe that by investing in the whole family they can “restore the years the locusts have stolen” and break the destructive cycle of violence that prostitution and poverty creates.

Gift of Kindness

This Christmas Rope is supporting Andy, Andrea and the team as they visit 400 women in the brothels.  Each year the team go caroling and giving each woman a Christmas gift, so that she knows Christ's love for her at this time.  This simple act of kindness reaps so much to their ministry as many women respond in the new year and come to find out partners at their centre.  So many can't believe that a group of people want to show them love while they are working in such a dark place.

£10 will provide Christmas gifts for a woman in a brothel.

Click on the link above to buy a gift from our online shop.