Aba is 15.

Her favourite book is The Children’s Encyclopedia because it teaches her about science, different religions and also about all kinds of animals in the world.

She loves the new library at Neesim primary school, which Rope supports.

Neesim is raising the standards of literacy in this region where less than 15% of children make it to secondary school.  100% of children at Neesim are moving onto high school.

Rope helped support their literacy teaching by resourcing a library in 2015.

As Aba says, the library is making a real difference.

The library helps me to improve my reading and I have got to know that the culture in every country is different.

I want to become a medical doctor in future and the library will help me by offering books about human science."

Adwin from Ghana is 8 years old.

He attends Neesim Primary School, which in 2015 was able to provide children with their very own library and Librarian.

The effect on the children's ability to read and love reading has been profound!

Adwin loves visiting the library he particularly like The Magic Porridge Pot.

"I like it because of the pictures and it is good for me to read.  The library helps me to learn more words because next year I want to be the best reader in my class!

We are delighted to help the children fall in love with reading and that by increasing literacy levels we are seeing more children succeed at primary school and and progress to secondary school.


It costs £30 a month to support a teacher at the school.

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