Jomma is one of the first children who arrived at Dolpa Hope Home when it opened in Spring 2005.  Aged 7 she appeared happy and settled into home life well, playing with the other children and enjoying the regular meals provided at the home.

Life in Dolpa Region

Jomma came from a village in predominately Buddhist Dolpa region of the Himalayas.  Her village has no school or health centre.  Life in this tough environment was made even harder when her mother died when Jomma was 2 months old.  Communities in this region survive as yak farmers, but Jomma’s family could not even afford one – having to rent a jaks from other families, paying back half of all income earned.  None of the children went to school.

Growing in love and joy

Within a year of living at Dolpa Home, Amos and Doma, our Ropeholders, reported that Jomma was working hard at school, making friends easily.  Though she often craved hugs, she was always keen to help others often taking care of younger children.  She also responded to Amos and Doma's sharing of their faith and accepted Jesus into her life.  She loved being part of church where musical gifts developed as she learnt to play the guitar and ultimately lead worship.

At Rope we have delighted in hearing regular updates about Jomma over the years.  Now aged 18 she is studying at college with the hope that she can train as a teacher at university. 

But most of all we rejoice to see Jomma, coming to faith and desiring to return to her home community as a missionary.  This has been Amos and Doma’s god-given vision for the children of Dolpa home and we rejoice that the Lord is blessing their work.

Brighter Futures

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