Jyoti and her family's village is exceptionally remote, half an hour’s walk from the nearest amenities. 

In 2015 when the earthquakes struck all 39 homes in her village collapsed and everyone was left homeless.

Jyoti, 34, was at home with one of her four sons, when the earthquake struck.

Her son escaped with minor scratches but Jyoti couldn’t save herself and lay trapped in the rubble for 4 hours. After screaming out in pain for an hour she fell unconscious.

Eventually she was dug out and taken to the nearest hospital, where she regained consciousness.  Her right hand was broken and she had a head wound that needed stiches, as well as many other wounds to her arms and legs. The hospital asked for money from her family, despite the Government announcing that medical care would be free.

She continues to live under a tarpaulin with her 4 sons and husband and is trying to manage her daily life.

Rope and our partners are continuing to work with families like Jyoti as they rebuild their lives and homes.

To Get Involved...

If you would like to walk for Jyoti as part of our Women Walking 4 Women campaign, click on the link and find out more.