We are delighted to report that thanks to our wonderful supporters who generously gave to our Lenten Appeal, 200 farmers have now successfully planted drought resistant groundnuts.

This is such great news as this group of farmers crops were devastated by the drought hitting many in East Africa.  Many of these farmers are victims of war and have lived in local internally displaced camps.  So losing their crops last year was another setback on their road to recovery.

Now with new seeds and the rains coming early they were able to plant.

CEO Jay, who visited these farmers in January and spearheaded our Lenten Appeal campaign says,

"We have been overwhelmed by the depth of love and quickness of response to our appeal and I am delighted that we can now report such good news from Uganda.  We will continue to update our supporters during the growing season and ask that all continue to pray for the Lord's blessing on each and every farmer's crop this year."

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