Lisha, aged 77, had been struggling with pain in her left eye for over 12 years before she sought help from Dreamland Hospital’s eye clinic.  Being the mother of 11 children naturally meant that her own health issues were overlooked!

However, her vision worsened and she finally came to the clinic seeking help.

She was scared that at the age of 77 she had to face surgery but Dr Kiprop reassured her that with surgery and sufficient rest she would make a good recovery.

Though the surgery was successful, Lisha did not take Kiprop’s advice and did not give her eye time to recover, returning to her household duties almost immediately.

The follow up appointment showed that a cut had reopened and further surgery was necessary.  Second time around, Lisha did as her surgeon instructed and all is now well.

The pain in her eye is no more and her vision has improved!

She is thankful for the love and grace given to her from God.

To Get Involved...

If you would like to walk for Lisha as part of our Women Walking 4 Women campaign, click on the link and find out more.