10 year old Carlos was a very troubled little boy. 

His father left his mother before he was born and she abandoned him when he was a baby. Inevitably this unwanted child with challenging behaviours was rejected by all in his village.  

This story of neglect and abandonment of children is not unusual within the settlements found in north west Colombia.

50 years of armed conflict in Colombia has led to 6 million internally displaced people being violently driven away from their homes. 

The Coast, north west Colombia, is one region badly affected as its fertile land, ripe for growing and trafficking cocaine, has led to extreme violence. Though primitive settlements spring up they prove hostile places for children. 

Our partners seek to disciple these children through a network of 30 churches and their weekly Christian clubs are the only safe places for them to play, learn and pray.

And this is exactly what Carlos found

The leaders at the club treated him differently.  Though difficult at first he attended regularly and over the weeks as he experienced Christ’s love and grace his behaviour improved.  Recently he has received a prize for his attendance at the club.  Carlos is one of over 2,000 vulnerable children experiencing Christ’s message of love and hope.

A £16 Lifeline gift will provide discipleship resources for 2 vulnerable children

Each week 30 children's clubs use discipleship resources to show the children how the Gospel can equip them to face the realities of their daily lives.

With your support we will be able to disciple 2 children for a whole year.

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