Nihal from Macedonia was one of the children who came to our partner’s kitchen to gain food.

She comes from the very marginalised Roma community and her family struggled to provide for her and siblings.

Her father was an alcoholic and would only return home when he had drunk all his wages.  He would regularly beat the family. 

Our partners sought to bring the Gospel into this family's life and when the father heard the message, Christ touched him and he came to faith.

The entire family has chosen the path of Christ.

Nihal became a straight grade A student in her class and is currently studying for her Masters in Law.  Her brother studied theology and is now a pastor in Serbia.

Our partners hope for Nihal is that once she has completed her studies she will return to Kocani and work with the people of her community inspiring others to turn their lives to Christ.

To Get Involved...

If you would like to walk for Nihal as part of our Women Walking 4 Women campaign, click on the link and find out more.