Mary, at the front of her group, chose to walk for Yamini, who for as long as she can remember has lived on the platforms at Sealadah railway station in Kolkata.

As Mary says "ALL of the money raised by this sponsored walk will be used directly for the benefit of disadvantaged women. I'm walking for Yamini from India who is 16 and the mother of a 2 year old son. She was addicted to glue and has been living in Sealdah Railway Station, Calcutta, for as long as she can remember.

Yamini found it really hard to be separated from her son while she underwent detox and 6 months of rehab, but he was well cared for and gained weight. Now they are together again and living in a home run by Rope's partners. Both are healthy and looking forward to a new life together.

I visited Kolkata last year and saw for myself the desperate conditions in which so many children live.

They have no choice.

Life is particularly hard and dangerous for girls. I also saw the dedication of Rope's partners as they work to give the children a life of dignity with a future to be proud of.

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