Natasha, on the left of the photo, chose to walk in support of Jyoti who lives in Nepal and was directly affected by the earthquake last year.

Jyoti and other people in her village were supported by our partners ACN when the earthquake struck.

Like so many women, her initial response was to return to her home to save her children.

In doing so Jyoti, was buried in the rubble. 

As Natasha says, "The reason I want to walk for Jyoti is that when I read her story I immediately identify with her as a mum of boys.

The earthquake must have been so frightening, especially as Jyoti was trapped and would have been unable to care for or protect her children. I can't imagine the daily struggles that those living conditions must bring and how hard it must be for her to care for her family. I want to walk for Jyoti to help Rope and our partners rebuild their home and lives for a better future."

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