Our partner's eye clinic at Dreamland Hospital in Kenya treats thousands of people each year and provides hundreds with sight saving cataract surgery.

Such a mainstream treatment for many in the UK, but transformational for those living in this remote and impoverished region.

Read Mark and Verah's stories to find out why.

Mark's story

Still going strong and earning a living at 88 years old, it came as a shock for Mark to lose his sight. As a Father of 18 children, Mark had always prided himself in providing for his large family and having to depend on them was far from anything he was used to.

When a friend told Mark about Dreamland hospital, and that he could have surgery to restore his sight, he was relieved. Going for surgery was one of the first times Mark had ever been far out of his village, so it was a big step for him – but it paid off. His surgery was described as a “remarkable success” in his left eye, with Mark even saying that it was “as if I had never had a problem”. Mark was so encouraged by his time at Dreamland, the chaplain was even able to share the gospel with him. 

Mark thanks everyone for their kindness, and for the service that he received through our partnership. 

He left saying that he wants to tell as many others as he can.

Verah's Story

Although 88 is closer to the average age for cataract patients, it can also happen to much younger people.

Verah was in her late twenties, with two young children to care for, when she lost the sight in both her eyes due to cataracts. Without her sight Verah became unable to do housework or look after her children, let alone farm the small plot of land she and her husband owned. Verah’s husband had to take increasingly more time off work to keep up with the demands of the work at home, which put additional strain on their finances making it harder for them to save up for school fees in preparation for their children starting primary school. This made the prospect of saving up for Verah’s surgery impossible. 

After a few years of struggling like this, Verah heard about Dreamland Hospital and was able to take the 40 mile journey to get treatment.

Now, with much improved vision, Verah is able to get on with her life and ensure the best future she can for her children.