We are delighted to share further updates from our partners in South Africa who are working with men from the Roodewal community.  These men are addicted to drugs and spent many years in gangs.  Our partners seeks to heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually so they can be strong men of faith and the fathers that God calls them to be.

Clinton who completed the programme in 2017  is now working with our partners in the Boa Boa screen printing project.  He recently got married recently to his girlfriend Fran.  They have a young child.

At the gala dinner in November, where the ChangeMakers are all celebrated Clinton shared his testimony of how God has transformed his life of addiction into fulfillment.

Mattwin is coming to the end of his time at the programme and is looking forward to successfully completing it in  January.  Our partners have been helping him find a job and so went to see his former employer to see if he could get his job back.  Mattwin had worked at a butchers shop but due to his addiction issues had left.  The employer was adamant, inspite of the pleas and refused to have him back.

However the Manager Koos, pictured right with Mattwin, and all the staff lobbied the employer on Mattwin’s behalf and a couple of days later he conceded and agreed to give Mattwin another chance.  Mattwin started back in December and is pleased to be working again!

He plans to marry Audrey this year so they can both parent their son together.

We are so delighted that both of these men have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and are now following his call to be strong men of faith in their families and wider community.