Alice, a prostitute, came to our partners’ centre after receiving a fruitcake during the partner’s annual Christmas caroling.  Our partners, Andy and Andrea and the team, go out in El Alto and give gifts to around 400 women working the brothels.

Alice was so touched by this gift she responded and visited in January, arriving with daughters Camila, 2, and Veronica, 11.

Spiritual warfare

Alice was eager to learn and consistently attended therapy sessions and activities.  The children joined in too.  Veronica is described as very bright and confident, but on arrival they admitted to facing spiritual warfare.  Veronica believed firmly in her ñatita and their previous home had been plagued by supernatural attacks. Ñatitas are skulls thought to bestow blessings on those who care for them.  These honored skulls remain in people's houses and are brought out from private shrines every year for the Fiesta de las Ñatitas. Usually held the week after All Saints and All Souls days.

By spending time at the centre, Veronica has learned about God’s love for her and is trusting more in Christ than in her ñatita.  Alice has also come to faith and is learning what new life in Him really means for her.

In March, our partners held a party for children that had recently had a birthday, including Veronica.  She was amazed to see the decorations, and said that she had never had her birthday celebrated like that before.  She has now begun therapy, which is beginning to resolve some difficult issues with her mother.  Veronica loves attending therapy and Andy and Andrea ask for your prayers that God will move swiftly in Veronica's young life.

Women Walking 4 Women

Andrea and Andy joined us for our annual fundraising event in September 2017.

Along with over 60 women Andrea walked 10 miles in support of women who are gaining dignified employment with their social enterprise Sutisana.