Juan, Daniel and Angie are three siblings who have been attending one of Vive’s children’s clubs in the Sincelejo area.

The club has offered the children a real lifeline at a time when their family has been facing difficulties. 

Their parents separated and the children all asked that the club’s leaders would pray for reconciliation.  They did so, God answered and their parents were reunited.

Shortly after, their mother was rushed to hospital needing emergency surgery on her gall bladder. The children and the father came to the church and once again asked for prayer. 

Again God answered their prayers and she was healed.  After that parents simply couldn't deny that God was a real and loving presence in their lives and they came to faith.

We are delighted to share that the whole family have been attending church together.

Our partners celebrate how God has moved in this family’s life and how they have responded.

We also thank God that through their work, his spirit is moving in the lives of many of these families, who have faced much upheaval, having lived in internally displaced camps as a result of the country's 50 year war.

Pray with us

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