Pemba came to Dolpa Home when he was 8 years old.  

From a family of eight - three older brothers and two younger sisters - his father suffered from chronic TB.  Unable to farm land and rear yaks, the family were one of the poorest in the village. Schooling opportunities were limited as the local school could only stay open 6 months of the year due to extreme weather and snow. The discipline of school life and learning simply didn't happen.

Life at Dolpa

When Pemba arrived at Dolpa home, Kathmandu he was very ill suffering from TB and heptatitis.  Due to a poor diet he looked younger than his age.  It took Pemba two years to fully recover from the TB and regain weight, size and strength and at full physical health he developed a love of sport and outdoor activities. He was described as bright, inquisitive and eager to help around the home.  

Over the years, Pemba toyed with lots of different ideas for his future career, including being a footballer and photographer as he is exceptionally creative and loves drawing. However by the time he reached 16 he had chosen hotel management, which he is now at college studying and really enjoying.    He believes that this will give him the best future as there are many jobs in the service sector, which might offer him opportunities to travel.

He has continued his love of football, having played in tournaments in school and tells us his favourite team is European Champions Portugal!

Brighter Futures

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