Prisha is one of five children from a very poor family.  They live in a very remote village. With no school and limited work the family barely get by on the father’s earnings as a labourer.  When her mother became ill and unable to care for such a large family, they asked for our partners' help and Prisha came to the home.

Prisha is a very hard working student and her favourite subjects are English and Mathematics.  She dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up.  She loves dancing and singing and will join in whenever the opportunity arises – at school, home or church!

In the church she is one of 3 girls, who help to lead worship.

Prisha is so grateful to those who are supporting her to remain at the home and giving her the opportunity to study!

Brighter Futures

Prisha lives with 25 other children at the Jehovah Jireh Home in Palakonda.  All of these children are supported at the home and through their education by our child group sponsorship scheme called Brighter Futures. 

If you would like to know more about this scheme, please click on the link above.