Devi, 25, has life tough.

Married at 12, caring for her 4 young children and living on a salary of less than £2 a day, life was already tough, before the earthquakes happened.

She comes from the Chepang people, an indigenous group marginalised in Nepal and after the earthquakes found herself living in a makeshift tent trying to keep her children warm and fed and feeling completely helpless.

However with Rope's support our partners were able to deliver supplies to Devi's village.

As Devi says "The blankets and warm clothes are so precious...I am happy that my children will be warm and able to sleep this winter.  That is enough for me."

Since the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015 severe weather conditions have ensued.  Monsoon rain has lasted longer causing lethal landslides, winter snows have been heavy and those people made homeless by the earthquakes have struggled to survive.


We continue to support our partners ACN as they continue to rebuild the lives of those devastated by the earthquake.

If you wold like to support their work, please click on the link above.