Elene from Ethiopia is mother to 4 children.  Rachel, in the picture with her mother, attends our partner's Montessori kindergarten.

Elene knows that if it hadn't been for our partner's basic healthcare programme her daughter would not be alive today!

Rachel's heart condition

Last year as part of our partner's routine screening programme, Rachel was discovered to have a heart condition, which needed immediate surgery. 

Our partners were able to financially support all the treatment and transportation costs of an operation at a hospital in Addis Ababa.  This was a substantial cost and one the family simply couldn't afford.

Rachel's health was not good before the operation.  She was very weak, unable to eat much or play with other children.

Back to full health!

Now after treatment, she is back at the kindergarten, healthy, happy and playing with the other children.

Elene is so grateful that Rope and our partners identified her daughter's condition and were able to support her receiving life saving treatment!

Lifeline gifts

Medical treatment in Ethiopia is not free and most of the women we help are supporting their family on 80p a day.

For £10, you can ensure a mother like Elene can have free visits to a GP and gain basic medical attention for a whole year.

If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift this year and want a gift that will be meaningful and long lasting, click on the link to find out more.