Hope on Wheels

The team running Heart for Lebanon’s Hope On Wheels ministry know deeply what a difference their activities are making in the lives of the 800 refugee children and young people they serve.

Hanifa, a 10 year Syrian girl, is so excited to attend the drama and music activities the team put on that she ensures she is there before any other child. Hope On Wheels’ mobile theatre truck brings moments of happiness and laughter into the lives of children who are far from home, residing in tents and extremely unlikely to be receiving an education.

This ministry provides an escape from the harsh reality of these children’s childhoods and at the same time brings the message of Jesus’ love and hope to them and their families.

Hanifa’s father shared,

“We are new believers in Jesus Christ, and we know that He is with us and will never forsake us”.

Hope On Wheels provides momentary joy and laughter but sows seeds of faith into many lives.

Hidden Harvest - Lent Appeal 2018

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