Ramsey and his wife Hanifa are from one of the largest cities in Syria. They were still newlyweds when the conflict first erupted in 2011. In an effort to escape the violence, Ramsey and Hanifa moved to another small town that hadn’t been impacted by fighting. However, like many other families who tried to find a safer home, their search ended in disappointment. Facing the brutal reality that they would not be able to find safety in Syria, Ramsey and his wife made the difficult decision to pack up and escape to Lebanon as refugees of the conflict.

Three years since they first stepped foot into Lebanon, Ramsey and Hanifa are in the same camp in the Bekaa Valley, now with a baby son. During this period of time, Ramsey and his family began receiving food and hygiene portions each month in addition to visits by the Heart for Lebanon team. On one of these visits, Ramsey and Hanifa shared their stories with the team – family members kidnapped, injured, and property completely destroyed. In addition to sharing about their past, Ramsey and his wife also talked about their life in the camp and the difficulties it has brought.

Like many refugees who hurriedly fled to Lebanon, Ramsey’s family quickly built their tent on land that was muddy, unclean, and lacked proper sewage systems. As a result, a rat bit their baby boy at only six months old during the night, causing a mild infection to develop on his scalp. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem in the camp where they live. During the Heart for Lebanon team’s visits, Ramsey and Hanifa are always grateful for the relational care and emotional support that the team is providing for their family.


It costs £56 to support a family for a month.

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