Hope on Wheels

Heart for Lebanon’s Hope on Wheels ministry brings hope, joy and peace to 800 young refugees. 80% of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon do not have a school place. These children therefore spend their time in make shift tents or out in the streets with nothing to do, putting them at risk of radicalisation by ISIS. 

A safe place 

One family with five children explained how excited their children are to join in with the sessions. The mother ensures all her chores are completed early so she can take them to the sessions. In fear of bad influences, she does not let them play with other children in the camp and so the Hope on Wheels sessions are the only time they get to be and feel like children.

These sessions sow seeds of faith by bring messages of hope, love and peace in an environment of despair, fear and uncertainty.

Hidden Harvest - Lent Appeal 2018

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