In September 2016, we held our inaugural Women Walking 4 Women event as 50 women walked 10 miles in leafy Buckinghamshire in support of 10 women in projects across the world. 

£10,000 was raised which led to more women gaining vocational training, financial support to start business, healthcare and practical help to build houses and feed their children.

WW4W helped to change lives and as Natalie and Ali both testify, was a hugely encouraging and fun day!

"Help provide them with a little bit of hope"

Natalie was new to Rope and joined us last year with friends Laura and Lauren (pictured above). 

She says, “I signed up because I was inspired by the women being supported and wanted my walk to provide them with a little bit of hope. WW4W was a well put together day and a pub lunch was a nice treat.   It doesn’t matter if you think you are as fit as an athlete or a coach potato, come and join in! Spending the day walking with friends  - you’ll be surprised how quickly the miles slip by.”

"Amazing event with lots of laughs"

Ali says, “Last year’s event was amazing and still holds happy memories for me. We were looked after extremely well and had lots of laughs and encouragement along the way.

"Step out for our sisters in need"

Humbling to think that every step we took continues to provide encouragement and hope to women all over the world.

Thinking of joining this year?  Give it a go and step out in love for our sisters in need!”

WW4W - Walk 4 Dignity 2017

Saturday 16th September, 10am – 4pm

This year we will walk 10 miles starting and ending at Christ Church Chorleywood.  Our target is to raise £20,000 to help 5 women from Bolivia leave prostitution and gain dignified employment at Sutisana.  Andrea, our partner in Bolivia, will walk with us.  She has been working with these women for over 15 years, so come, walk and talk with her!

Join Us!

It is not too late to join.  Click on the link above to sign up!