Jarry was left homeless on the street of Naivasha, Kenya.

In 2012, Sunshine Home provided a home and education for Jarry.  Like so many homeless boys he had been forced to live on the street due to extreme poverty and family breakdown. 

Jarry, now 16, had a very difficult time living on the street, facing violence and abuse and his new life at Sunshine wasn't easy. Inevitably he took time to settle in, struggling at school and finding it hard to make friends. 

This is a familiar pattern for many of the boys coming to Sunshine.  However, over time, Jarry began to respond to this Christ-centred and loving home, coping better with life and making friends.

Despite his poor exam results in 2015, Sunshine did not give up on Jarry, supporting a move to high school.  Though he has found study challenging, he has worked hard and is now ranked second in his class!

We, like our partners, celebrate Jarry’s success, knowing that he is gaining a Brighter Future in his life.

Brighter Futures

You can provide brighter futures for vulnerable children like Jarry, helping them become Citizens of Hope.  Click on the link above to see how you can be a Brighter Futures supporter.