Rope has been supporting the Dolpa Hope Home, in Kathmandu, since 2005.  The home is caring for vulnerable children from the Dolpa region, providing them with a chance to live in a loving, caring home and gain a good education. 


Educational achievement in Nepal is poor. Only 47% of children pass primary education and only 8.5% succeed at secondary school. Nationally 46% of people can’t read or write, this rises to 66% for women.

For children living in mountainous regions such as Dolpa educational attainment is even worse.  This deprived region in the upper Himalayan area of Dolpa is a very remote.  Conditions are harsh, basic living is demanding and infrastructure is limited or non existent.

The very few schools that do exist struggle.  They cannot stay open all of the year as the villagers cannot afford to heat the buildings and so the children’s education is sporadic and the discipline of a school life and learning is never engendered.

Child Labour

Added to which 52% children are needed to work. 

Many families from this region rely on agriculture and yak rearing to survive.  The yak will provide milk, meat, clothing and families will make two trips a year into Tibet to buy rice, clothes, salt, and all other provisions needed for the coming months.  They load up their yak train with barley and yak wool products they have made to sell and make the three-day trip into Tibet.  They also must make a three-day trip south to find wood for cooking fuel.  Most families have 30 to 60 yaks to meet their needs in this difficult land and children will help care for younger sibling as well as providing support to parents caring for the herd and growing vegetables.

The children supported by Dolpa Home are from the most disadvantaged families within this community.  These families will have lost one if not both parents and have limited income to buy and maintain a herd.  Often the families resort to “renting” a yak from a wealthier family in return for half the income earnt.

Children's homes

There is a great need for caring for vulnerable children in Nepal with an estimated 8% of children being orphaned.  800 children’s home are in existence however with no formal registration system, standards of care are inconsistent and in 2009 it was estimated that 15% of children in homes were at risk and in need of immediate intervention.

Dolpa Home is different.

In 2005 Amos and Doma felt called to open Dolpa Home because of the situation they saw while on mission trips to the Dolpa region.  Amos originated from this area and understood how impossible life can become if you are an orphaned or from a single parent family.    

Twelve years on they care now caring for 16 vulnerable children in a loving, caring family home where they can attend good local schools.  They desire to share the love of Jesus so  all have an opportunity to come to know Him and they hope that one day, as adults, they might return to Dolpa region and share Christ with their own people.  Staff at the home know the children's mother tongue and this is helping the children to retain their language and culture.

The children are aged from 7 - 18.  The oldest have completed their school education and have moved onto college to gain further education.  All of them have very high aspiration for their future from being in the army, to being a nurse, eye doctor or even a tourist guide!

Dolpa Home

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