Guatam is 14 and homeless...

having run away from home for reasons he is too angry to discuss.

He wanders on his own from platform to platform and station to station in Kolkata, India.

Lost, alone, rejected and living on the margins of society, he believes he has no future and daily life is consumed by gaining enough money to feed his drug addiction to dendrite.

Our partner’s ministry is his only hope and they have great hopes and dreams for Guatam. 

Their drop-in centre offers Guatam and other abandoned children a gateway to full recovery.  By providing food, games, showers and a safe place to sleep – all can experience something close to “childhood” for a few hours each day.

Over time the centre staff engage the children building up friendship and trust.  Their hope is that the Lord will lead the children to ask for help for their drug addiction. 

Guatam has recently been talking about becoming clean and our partners have offered him a place on their drug detox and rehabilitation programme.


The drop in centre is supporting 40 children a day and it costs £20 a day to keep it open.

To support children like Guatam to gain a gateway to full recovery, please click on the link and donate now.