“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

We are delighted to report that thanks to a generous response to our Lifeline campaign this Christmas, ensuring that 891 people, homeless, displaced or a refugee, received hope this Christmas.

  • 100 children in an Indian slum received a Christmas present;
  • 40 homeless children living at a railway station in India will be fed every day for 4 months;
  • 370 homeless children in Nepal will receive a warm coat this winter;
  • 190 Syrian refugee children enjoyed a visit from HOPE on Wheels over Christmas;
  • 50 children from Colombia will receive discipleship resources in 2017;
  • 105 displaced people in Uganda will be trained and resourced to farm their land;
  • 24 vulnerable women from DR Congo will get a sewing machine
  • 12 widows from Cameroon will have a home built for them in 2017.

This has been our most successful Lifeline campaign and we are delighted that so many gave so generously.

As our CEO, Jay Hay says: "Just looking at these outcomes is so inspiring and I hope that all who gave can share in that feeling recognising the difference they have made.  I feel John 1:5 sums this up for me and having recently visited some of our African projects, including Uganda, I know what a personal difference it makes to every person blessed.  They feel remembered.  Every pound and every prayer given touched someone’s life, making them feel valued this Christmas." 


Lifeline is our alternative gift scheme - ideal for people who would like someone to feel valued.

We have just launched gifts for Mother's Day on 26th March.  Please click on the link above to find out more.