Western life

The standard model for life, particularly in the western world, seems to be that you go to school, you get good grades, you go to university, you get a good degree, you get a job and then try to earn as much money as possible so that you can afford a good car, house, holiday and live as comfortably as possible. And of course, who doesn't want to live comfortably and be able to afford all they want in life?


The problem is when these material things do not fulfil us anymore. The problem is when we realise that we have spent our lives trying to gain what is in our own interest, whilst there are millions of people around the world suffering, facing persecution and experiencing injustice. These people could even be on our doorstep. How is it possible that the number 1 cause of death in the world is hunger, when here in the UK we have an abundance of food to the extent that obesity levels are progressively increasing all the time? How is it possible that 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each day, when here in the UK we complain about having to go to school every day?

Sacrificial living

I believe that we have been created with more purpose than just to live for ourselves. The example of sacrificial love that inspires and motivates me is Jesus. I believe that his presence has the power to bring change and transformation to any situation. However, I don’t think you have to agree with my faith in Jesus to see that there are some real issues in society today, of which we can actually be the solution and not the problem.

I had a great education and am really grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from that. Plus, if you can do something you’re passionate about and make money at the same time then I’d say that’s a good thing. But I believe that there is something more than simply material satisfaction, and that compassion, integrity and love should be fundamental to the way we live, make decisions and treat other people.

Together, we can use our skills and resources to bring hope and dignity to those who are in need.