I just love the book of Acts!

The proof to all non–Christians that Jesus rose from the dead.

How else could a group of terrified young men who are not highly educated develop the boldness and spirit-filled passion to establish a faith that is now touching over 2.2 billion people who are declared Christians and another 1 billion who are seeking? 

That shows us the power of God.

And the question has to be – can we in our daily and church lives achieve the same energy and passion for unity as the disciples had in Acts 4   - the unity of living in deeper fellowship and the unity of giving.

At Rope we see these verses as underpinning our work.

  • The general feel of Acts 4 is exciting and mission-focussed which parallels well with many of the projects that Rope supports.
  • A lot of our vision and mission strategy is focused on living out the apostolic mantra of worshipping the Lord and reaching the lost.
  • Our vision seeks to share the Gospel in a practical way and encourages people to experience their God-given potential.

You are the hope of the world!

As you read this, you need to know and truly accept that you are the hope of the world.

In fact you are church. Not someone else but you personally. Someone is going to meet you today who may never have met another Christian, so in that moment, you are the representative of Christ to that person.

Our Ropeholders – local people on the ground are church to the many thousands of people who are living in poverty throughout the world.

They are church to them when they dig pit latrines.

They are church to them, when they teach them to sew, grow groundnuts or teach their children to read.

They are church.  Just as you are church and I am church to those that we meet in our daily lives.

Together we are church

And at Rope we believe that by uniting Christians in the UK, with our partners' work internationally we are all being Christ's church for those forgotten and rejected living in poverty across the world.

We see the word church used three different ways:

First, as the body of Christ, the church is often defined as a local assembly or group of believers (1 Corinthians 1:2; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians 1:1-2).

Second, as the body of individual living believers (1 Corinthians 15:9; Galatians 1:13).

Finally, as the universal group of all people who have trusted Christ through the ages (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 5:23-27).

So when you engage with Rope and our work, through prayer, reflection, volunteering and giving – you are being church to those who are forgotten and rejected in remote parts of the world. 

You may never meet them in person – but you are being church to them. 

What an amazing thought!

The Power of God

And this is only made possible through the power of God.  So the challenges ahead of us are nothing compared to the power behind us.  And in everything that we step out to do in our daily lives - in every word and deed - always remember to God and only to God be all the glory.

Church visit

Jay is available to speak about the work of Rope at a Sunday service or mid week group.  If you would like him to visit your church, please click on the link above and contact us.