is 12 and lives with his family in the Gushegu town, in Ghana.  He has been at Neesim school for six years moving from another school in 2011.

“When I first started at school I found a number of subjects difficult, particularly ICT.  Now school is good and I particularly enjoy English – my favourite subject!   

I love our library

At my other school I didn't get enough books to read but here in Neesim the library has plenty of books.  I go after school every week.  I like the e-readers and enjoy reading African story books, books about animals and Dagbani history books.  My favourite book is ‘Twins in Trouble’.  It tells me not to steal or lie about other people!

God love us

My teacher is very humble and I have learnt that we should not fight, that we should share, love others, and respect their views. The school has helped me understand how God loves us, how we do his work, and how he created the universe.  I also understand how God saves us from our sins through his son Jesus Christ.

When I grow up I want to be a teacher."


29, is the school’s librarian and literacy teacher.

I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in Junior High School and I completed my teaching diploma in 2014.  Though I enjoyed the course, I found the reality of teaching hard.  Since coming to Neesim, I have enjoyed the in-service training and learnt to use different methods to teach.   I have improved alot and now I love my job. 

Neesim is different

Neesim is different to other schools as there is much more management supervision and of course the weekly staff devotions.  The devotions have taught me to forgive, to love and to draw closer to God. 

I can see that the reading programme with the library facility has really helped the children to improve their reading skills.  My dream is to further my education to acquire more knowledge and skills so I can help the children even more!"