Why are you coming here and working for our people?

These are the words of a father from Pakistan, whose four daughters are now attending school offered by our partners.

He simply couldn’t understand why “rich people” would “walk for hours and hours to see our children.” Our partners replied simply saying that they had been called by God to work with this community.

Our partners have been following God’s call to see education brought to the Gujor community since 2005. This Gujor community are shepherds, taking their flocks to live in high pastures during the summer and coming to warmer areas in the winter months. They are very poor, illiterate and neglected, with no electricity, telephones or clean drinking water.

In the summer, our partner's school moves with the families to the high pastures. The teachers, having made their way there on foot, live in tents alongside their pupils.

This work is not easy and the process of building trust has taken time and patience. Villagers are particularly conservative, and elders and religious leaders are very sceptical about the influence and involvement of “outsiders”.

Now over 500 children from these communities are going to school and as the father testifies, the community is responding.

With tears in his eyes he said,

Our whole community is happy since you are here and working for us.”