Phin, 46 year old villager says: 

“We always collected the water from a pond a great distance from my home.  It was not easy to carry the water. The water in the pond was unclean and people would be unwell with diarrhoea, typhoid, worms, liver diseases, scabies, STD's and other diseases. Now I have attended training and understand how important it is to use clean water. We have a number of wells in our village and we are so blessed and happy and our are getting healthier and blessings.”


Tuon says that people in her village had not understood basic health and hygiene and how it was connected to disease prevention.  Her family and villagers lacked clean water and often struggled with droughts in the 8 month dry season, with plants not growing due to lack of water. 

“We can’t do any things without the water, this is why so many people are poor.”

Rope and our partners are not only delivering clean water, but also health and hygiene awareness so that people can gain healthier lives.

It costs £150 to bring clean water to a village community