The Roma community are a minority group accounting for 5% of the population in Macedonia. 

They are very poor, having had limited access to education.  With very few options in life they often resort to begging and stealing to survive.  Children struggle to attend school, either working alongside their parents – mainly in agricultural work – or begging on the streets. 

Our partners work with 20 families from the Roma community, providing a kitchen for the children to be fed everyday and a place where they can gain informal education.

Stefan, Nihal and Mario are young children from an extremely poor and dysfunctional family. They know little about personal hygiene and didn’t know how to use a toilet when they started coming to our partner’s kitchen.

Through committed training, the team have been able to teach them about personal hygiene and looking after themselves better, thus preventing ongoing infections

Our partners report that it is such a blessing to see these children, who were once quite wild, starting to socialise and respond to the basic training in the loving and caring environment our partners have created.

It costs £4 a week to feed a child