Yamini had lived on the railway station for as long as she can remember.

In 2015, Sarah our Projects and Grants Manager visited our partners EMC in Kolkata, to see the work they were doing with children living at Sealadah railwasy station.

During her visit she met with Yamini, aged 16, who was mother to a very young son called Shibam.

Yamini had lived on the railway station for as long as she can remember.

Like so many other children at the station, Yamini was addicted to drugs.  Even during her pregnancy she could not stay away from sniffing glue and occasionally took heroine.

When she first sought help from our partners her son was severely malnourished and was given milk and food immediately. 

A pathway to healing

Our partner’s drop-in centre is a gateway to healing and recovery for vulnerable and often exploited children like Yamini.  By offering befriending, counselling, drug detox, rehab and (once clean) a home and education, they seek to help the children rebuild their lives.

This pathway was offered to Yamini and her son. 

She found it really hard to be separated from her son while she underwent detox and 6 months of rehab, but he was well cared for and gained weight.

Moving forwards

Now healed and healthy Yamini and Shibam have left the mother and child rehabilitation centre and are now living at a homeless shelter run by our partners. 

While at the centre Yamini received vocational training in sewing and our partners are now helping her to find employment and will be enrolling Shibam at a school close by.

Thank you

We are delighted to share this latest report as Yamini was one of the women directly supported by our Women Walking 4 Women campaign in 2016.

We thank all the ladies who walked in support of Yamini.  Your walk made a huge difference to her life!

Donate Now

It costs £20 a day to run the drop-in centre, which cares for 40 children and young people like Yamini.

Please click on the link if you would like to donate to this work.