We need 200 people to help vulnerable children become Citizens of Hope.

This year we need 200 people to support 4 children's home.

Based in Kenya, Nepal, Mozambique and India, these caring, loving Christian homes are changing outcomes for children, who have faced very difficult early lives.

These are children who come from remote, rural communities where poverty is endemic and there is little money spare for luxuries like education.  Many have seen their families broken apart with the loss of a parent.  Some have lost both parents and some have been forced to live on the street and beg for money.

Loving homes and a chance to learn

Our homes are run by Christians who seek to care for these children in a loving family home. All are close to schools so they children have a chance to gain qualifications and skills so they can be self supporting in adult life.

1,000 lives transformed

Over 25 years Rope has supported many children's homes helping 1,000 vulnerable children to gain a brighter future.

We can testify to difference made!

Children have gone to college and university, gaining vital qualifications.  They have careers and live successful and independent adult lives. They have become pastors, teachers, doctors, dentists and nurses, are working in business, employed as salesmen, IT professionals, mechanics and welders.

Many have families of their own and know how to love and care for their own children, having experienced it at our children's homes.

They have become Citizens of Hope!

Join our 200 club and help create more Citizens of Hope!

At Rope we are passionate that this vital work continues.

Our Brighter Futures Group Sponsorship Scheme enables you to support children at a home. We currently have 4 homes which need our help now. 

Already 21 places have been taken up, providing much needed support for these children.  

Help us reach our target in 2017

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