Grow Series

This year we are delighted to share with you our Lent study, "Grow". Lent is a wonderful time of re-focussing on all Christ has done for us, as well as reviewing where we are on our personal and corporate journeys of faith.

Often Lent is seen as self-reflection and fasting, but Scripture teaches that it is not simply about giving up but giving out as well.

With this in mind we will be focussing on our Groundnut Project in Uganda. Jesus often taught people through parables that drew out spiritual lessons from visual examples of everyday life. Our groundnut project displays physical examples of the different seasons and cycles which help us examine our spiritual growth.

Groundnut Project

To find out more about this inspiring project, please click on the link above

Journey with us

Over the 6 weeks of Lent you can take part individually or as part of a wider group.  Why not share it with your house group or church community.

Each Wednesday of Lent we will update this page with a weekly downloadable guide, which has a different theme from the Groundnut Project and is divided into a reflection on a Scripture passage, an application and a time of prayer.  There is also a different YouTube video, which will help with your prayer and reflection time.

Grow Study

Week 4 -Waiting PDF

Watch this video once you have completed this week's study

Lenten Appeal

We have supported farmers in Uganda for over 6 years, helping over 1,000 learn to farm their land successfully by the simple of growing groundnuts.  For those farmer planting last year this was a very challenging period as their crops were severely affected by the drought.

This year we want to support this group of farmers again and so are asking for your help to buy drought resistant groundnuts for them to plant.

Click the link above to find out more.    

Booking for this event has now closed.