Following our successful first prayer afternoon in March, we will be hosting another prayer afternoon on Wednesday 21st June at our offices in Amersham.

We invite you to join us as we spend time sharing more of our Ropeholders' work and some of the current issues they are facing.  

Prayer Partners

Our Ropeholders, many of whom are living and working in very extreme and isolated parts of the world and so their daily life can be very challenging for them.  They are so grateful for our commitment to them, through prayer and we see this as a vital part of our partnership commitment to them.

Meet our Ropeholder

For this afternoon we are especially delighted that our Ropeholder, Erena,  from South Africa will be joining us on Skype to share the work they are doing within the Roodewal community in Worcester.  

Worcester is north of Cape Town and well know for being a successful wine growing region. However the Roodewal community is one of a number of urban areas, notorious for gang and drug related crime, where 80% of children are growing up in families without a father figure.

Rope is partnering with Erena and her team as they work with men, long term drug addicts and gang members.  All the men are seeking healing from our partners three month detox and rehabilitation programme with the aim of being reunited with their families.

Erena and her team's hope is to bring fathers back into this fatherless community.

This is a free event but space are limited, so please let us know if you wish to attend by booking a ticket below.

Booking for this event has now closed.